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ashley-a asked: I completely agree with your mannequin post! Nobody should be put down or referred to as "not a real woman" based on their size. So irritating. Some people are 00 and some are size 18. It's ridiculous to think that they can try to define a "real" woman by something so trivial as that - there is no true definition. People are who they are. We are all different!

Exactly! i get so irritated by it.. like the ad literally says “Sweden introduced these normal-size mannequins. Instead of size 00, these gals are a size 6 and 10” … Ok well ALL of these sizes can be Normal. haha so annoying


side note to the fact that this was almost me yesterday when i realized i had written close to 2500 words and found out that i was doing my assignment wrong… now i have probably written a total of 7000 words to make a 3500 word research paper…

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a mini rant…

even though i haven’t been keeping up with tumblr as much as i might want to, when i think of a place to rant - this is the first place i come to. haha not facebook because no body wants to read an annoying rant on facebook. and not on twitter because i cant possibly fit a rant in a small enough amount of text…

i dont know if anyone else has seen all of the advertisements for “real size mannequins” in sweden or where ever they started making them.. but i often find the comments i see on them to be completely offensive and frustrating. things that say like “oh finally they are making mannequins that look like real women” .. i do think that they should make mannequins of all sizes because women and men do come in all shapes and sizes, but its pretty rude to say that the small size mannequins do not reflect any REAL women…

like there are some people who are naturally smaller, and maybe also fit into the sizes that those mannequins wear. whether a person is x-small or x-large it shouldnt matter. lol like we are all REAL women… UGH. like i do agree that they should make mannequins in all sizes but it is honestly a constant frustration for me when i see these kinds of posts. like no one should feel ashamed about there size, and by making larger mannequin sizes it shouldnt in turn have people insulting people who actually fit into the smaller sizes…

Rant over… the end.

ashley-a asked: hey! just wanted to ask your opinion on some wavers. I'm trying to decide between two wavers from trade secrets which is why I asked you. What is your opinion on the GS maxwaver and the isinis waving wand. Basically I don`t want it to be crimped or frizzy looking, I want deeper waves. Are these wands okay for that or should I get the ones where you just wrap your hair around and hold? I would love to know what you think! xo

Hey! I don’t even know when this message was sent, doesn’t say on here. However I have been neglecting my tumblr so I apologize if this is a super overdue reply! :)
If you want deep waves I would 100 percent go with the GS max waver! No question about it! The small Isinis waver gives like a super small crimp ( and on some hair types it doesn’t even work well) haha honest opinion!
Unless you want like the loose curl slash wave look which you can get from a curling wand aswell. And in that case we sell a few different tapered curl wands to choose from!

If you come in on a week night and its not to busy we can definitely plug them in and try them out in your hair :) hope this helps!!

Sorry if this is a late reply! And on a side note, you came in recently didn’t you? I didn’t know if you recognized me or not!

Zero Dark Thirty

Wowoeow. Honestly cannot put into words how absolutely amazing that movie was! I highly suggest everyone see it!!

ashley-a asked: 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 30, 39! not sure if you've answered any of these, just randomly picked! xo

4. Do you plan outfits? Sometimes! usually for work the night before, or if I know I will be rushing the next morning then I will set something aside.

9. Three of your current feelings? Happy, tired, but also a bit stressed! lol

10.What are you craving right now? Honestly, Movie theater popcorn! And its in my near future! so i’m pretty excited :) haha

11.Turn ons? a nice smile, a sense of humor & confidence!

12. Turn offs? bad breath, a bad attitude or cockiness! (yuck)

30. Do you rent movies often? honestly ever since blockbuster closed its movie renting system, not so much! Kevin has netflix on his ipad and weve watched a few on there recently so I guess that would count though

39. Ever been in love? YES! have been for 5 years and its wonderful :)


Anonymous asked: 28, 48

28.Is there anything you want to say to someone? there’s actually A LOT that I’d like to say to a lot of people…not entirely sure that I want to type it all out here though! :)

48. What was your worst experience on drugs or alcohol? I actually don’t have much experience with drugs, its just never been my thing. And I’m not experimental because quite honestly I’m a chicken shit and i also don’t think drugs are worth the time or the money. I’ve always thought alcohol was great though because i think its more of a social thing?

However, that being said. my worst experience with drugs was a time when someone put weed in a hookah (which i thought was just flavored tobacco) I AM ALLERGIC TO WEED.. just to add this in here. haha so that was not a positive experience for me and actually it’s the ONLY experience i have with drugs of any type!

and for alcohol, there have been a few drunk experiences that i wish never happened. mostly times that I’ve gotten to drunk and have been a belligerent and emotional wreck lol. whatever, happens to the best of us right?

Anonymous asked: What are you currently taking at school? You don't like it and want to change? And what did you apply for at Algonquin?

I’m currently taking Communications at Carleton… and this is my last year. Quite honestly, i have changed programs a few times, and nothing really struck me as something that I LOVED, and would want to make a career out of. I do like communications, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is unsure about their program, because i think its pretty broad and there are a lot of career options with that degree!

But i’ve always had a hope at being an elementary school teacher some day (preferable kindergarten) so my plan is to go to Algonquin for Early Childhood Education, and then teachers college at ottawa U after that. The ECE program has a feed in program with Ottawa U, so they save 10 spots each year for ECE graduates.. so thats kind of what im hoping for!

:) xo

Anonymous asked: hey! in your post it said you were going to algonquin. don't you go to carleton?

Hi :)

Yeah i do go to carleton! I’m in the communications program currently, and i graduate this year! But in the long run i hope to be an elementary school teacher. I’m planning on going to Algonquin for Early Childhood Education, and then hopefully teachers college after that! :)

peacelovecasey asked: 35, 41, 43!

35. Do you believe in karma or predestiny? I definitely believe in karma. I ALWAYS have. however I think some people are WAYY over due haha

41. If you could trade places with any person living or dead, who would you trade places with? i honestly don’t know! I have never really thought of that before. But I’ve never been someone to obsess over other peoples lives (celebrities or anything like that)… i guess maybe someone famous! but not entirely sure!

43. Whom do you admire and why? I admire a lot of people for tons of different reasons. For celebrities I really admire Ellen Degeneres. I like how she stands up for things and is able to use her voice for good things! I think shes a really good role model for honestly anyone in this world lol. (SO RANDOM I KNOW)..

And for like family members or that kind of thing, I’ve always really admired my Gramma, shes 83 and still more lively than ever. Shes been through so much and I hope if im still around at that age I can have accomplished some of the things that she has. I also have been inspired to become a teacher in some ways because of her.

I also really admire my sister, and i know that cheesy. But shes always been a really good role model for me. I guess I also have always been really proud to call her my sister and that’s why I admire her so much. Shes a good sistey :) haha